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9,150 word short erotic story in PDF format
Two illustrations with WIPs, PSDs, timelapse videos, and high-res versions

Ila can’t risk touching him in public. She can barely look at him for fear of forgetting their roles. Even the potential of their relationship’s discovery sends her nerves into a sparking haywire. Their frayed edges finally snap during a day of running errands, and she finds herself craving an intense, subjugated intimacy from the only man she’s ever truly loved: her father Idris.

For his part, the old Arab metal head has accepted the roles they must play in public with stoic silence. He grits his teeth and counts the seconds until they return home during each errand. He clenches his fists and remembers his wedding ring on his left hand. He’s been her Dominant for as long as he’s been her Husband, and even before that, he’s been her loving Patriarch for as long as she could remember.

As Ila’s match and mate, Idris has no qualms about his daughter’s desire for submission. Intuiting her needs is as second nature to him as her service of him is to her. When he realizes that she wants to do a little more than simply suck his cock, he pushes her with gentle, firm goading to say exactly what she means—and gets a little more than he bargained for in return.

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